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Quantum/Custom Classical Organs

Quantum™/Custom Organs are planned to the specific tastes and preferences of each customer. Each organ is built to order by a team of experienced factory specialists with expertise in woodwork, electronics and tonal design. Choose from a variety of stop lists, console styles, keyboard finishes, drawstop designs, audio systems and much more to create a unique musical and visual masterpiece that is the embodiment of precision and perfection.

Many Quantum™/Custom organs incorporate Allen’s exclusive Multi-Point Audio™ design, producing clarity, detail and realism to surpass all other digital organs. The organ’s sounds are divided among a lavish number of amplifier channels and projected through a wide array of speaker cabinets. Each one of these is optimized for a specific portion of the organ’s tonal spectrum, creating a spatial dimension to rival most pipe organs.

The character of each instrument is finished by one of our team of tonal finishers who will spend time with you on site to ensure the final result is nothing less than spectacular.

For reference specifications and further information please contact us.


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