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TO5QNote-by-note voicing, tuning, and regulation are only the beginning. The accuracy of digitally-sampled tremulants and the spatial dimension of Acoustic Portrait™ actual sampled acoustics show you why Allen’s Quantum™ Theatre Organs are taking the theatre world by storm.


  • Patented Quantum™ Technology
  • Acoustic Portrait™ Sampled Reverb
  • Stop-by-Stop and Note-by-Note Voicing
  • Deluxe Mechanical Stop Action
  • User Reconfigurable Pistons
  • Individually Adjustable Felted Keys
  • Advanced MIDI Capabilities


Audio System

  • 25 channels including 3 sub-woofer channels; 8 full-range cabinets, 14 compact full-range cabinets, 3 bass cabinets; external amplifier rack


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Quantum™ instruments are the only digital organs to bring the science of sampling to acoustics! Ordinary electronic reverb is a synthetic imitation of acoustics “applied to” the sound, not created as an integral part of it. Acoustic Portrait™ produces the real thing in exacting detail!

Acoustic Portrait™ begins with a sampling process using impulse responses that measure an actual room’s acoustic properties. These measurements are then stored in the organ’s computer memory. Through an advanced real-time mathematical process called convolution, the acoustics of the sampled room actually become an integral part of the organ’s sound, producing a noticeably smoother, more natural result than synthetic reverb. Allen engineers have recorded the acoustics of cathedrals and other acoustically desirable buildings throughout the world.

With advanced processors (DSPs) and patented low-latency convolution algorithms, Acoustic Portrait™ reproduces the true acoustic response of each original room with stunning realism! Each Quantum™ organ features 10 different Acoustic Portraits, ranging from intimate rooms to cavernous cathedrals.