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GeniSys G330 with 38 Stops (or 46 stops with optional GeniSys Voices)/Three Manuals

Picture shows the G330i in optional medium oak finish
with internal speaker system

G330 Features

  • Allen’s DSP tone generation with Quantum™ technology
  • GENISYS™ Display – advanced touch-screen interface offering seamless control and ease of use of many functions
  • Standard stop lists: English, Classic Allen, Cavaill√©-Coll, Schlicker, Arp Schnitger & Aeolian-Skinner
  • Acoustic Portrait™ – Exclusive real sampled acoustics
  • Air Regulator™ and RealXpression™
  • Lumitech™ stop controls with LED technology
  • Anniversary walnut finish console
  • Locking roll-top
  • Lift-lid bench with storage area
  • Clear acrylic music rack
  • AGO 32-note concave radiating pedalboard
  • Allen Hymn Player (automatically plays over 150 hymns)
  • Allen Performance Player (includes pre-recorded repertoire and enables recording and playback)
  • Capture pistons: 128 memories, 6 thumb pistons to Gt/Ped, 6 thumb pistons to Swell, 10 general thumb pistons, 10 toe pistons, Tutti I, Tutti II, Set, Cancel, Recall, Piston sequencer
  • Industry standard tracker-touch keyboards
  • Black piston strips and black keycheeks
  • Advanced MIDI compatible with GM, XG and GS MIDI
  • 12-Key Transposer
  • 10-Year limited warranty (5 years on Fatar keyboards)
  • Expression: Great/Pedal, Swell, General Crescendo
  • Console Dimensions: Width 58.32″ (148 cm); Height 47.63″ (123 cm); Depth 31.75″ (80.6 cm) without pedalboard, 49″ (124.5 cm) with pedalboard


Comprehensive Voicing Capabilities including:

  • Stop-by-stop and note-by-note voicing
  • Parametric Equalization (PEQ)
  • SoundMatrix – Library of additional samples

 This picture shows the G330e with the
optional drawstops and standard walnut finish


G330 Options (selection)

  • GeniSys Voices – 8 additional variable stops with hundreds of sound possibilities to customise the organ’s stoplist
  • GeniSys Remote (smartphone and app required)
  • Traditional mechanical moving drawstops
  • External speakers only
  • Allen’s Premium keyboards
  • Allen Ensemble™ Division or Allen Vista Navigator™
  • Theatre organ stop lists of Wurlitzer, Barton and Morton
  • Pedal light and music desk light
  • Antiphonal relays
  • Headphones jack or Reflections™ Package
  • External speaker addition and custom audio


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