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The Walt Strony Signature Quantum™ STR-4

The Walt Strony Signature Quantum™ STR-4 features:


  • Stoplist and Rank selection by Walt Strony
  • Cherry-on-walnut finish with Brass Unit Orchestra nameplates
  • Custom, theatrically-styled bench
  • Classical Suite — switch to the sound of an E. M. Skinner-style concert organ
  • Acoustic Portrait™ sampled real-time reverberation to “put you in the theatre!”
  • 8 Tuned Percussions
  • Deluxe Mechanical Stop Action
  • User-reconfigurable Pistons
  • Two “Piano Levers” — a control appearing on many large theatre organs
  • Tympani/Snare Roll with Crash Cymbal on 2nd Touch
  • Roll Cymbal with Crash Cymbal on 2nd Touch
  • Genysis Console Controller™
  • Transposer and Acoustic Portrait™ switch
  • RealXpression™ – pipe chamber convolution
  • Sampled tremulant Sounds
  • Sostenuto and Pizzicato
  • General, GS and XG MIDI compatibility
  • OST™ (Optical Sensor Technology) keying on Solo and Bombarde Manuals
  • 2nd Touch Reed Switch Keying on Great and Accompaniment Manuals
  • Expression: Percussion, Main, Solo-Master and Crescendo
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Console Dimensions: Width 63-1/4”; Height 68-1/2” with music rack;Depth 41” (top) / 29-1/4” (bottom) without pedalboard, 58-1/2” with pedalboard


Audio System

  • 16 channels including 2 sub-woofer channels totaling 1600 watts RMS; 8 full-range cabinets; 6 compact full-range cabinets; 2 Bass cabinets; external amplifier rack


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