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Pre-owned and ex-demonstration organs

We often have a selection of pre-owned and ex-demonstration electronic organs available. Pre-owned Allen organs are thoroughly inspected prior to installation and are supplied with a full 2-year parts and labour warranty which, upon expiry, may be extended. Warranties for ex-demonstration organs are usually included on an “as-new” basis. Warranties for other instruments may vary. For specifications of our instruments, please contact us.

Instruments can be out on hire, therefore we strongly recommend contacting us before visiting so that we can let you know what is in the showroom available to play.


Allen ADC-520

2 manuals and full size 32-note concave radiating pedalboard.
Light oak finish custom console with matching bench.
27 speaking stops with stop tabs.
Folding wooden music desk.
Independent tremulants to Swell and Great.
Celeste Tuning, Chiff, and Sustain effects.
2-channel external audio with two external speakers.
12-key transposer.
Seven pre-set general pistons with dual memory.
Allen Keyboards – individually adjustable, felted keys with full-length wooden keysticks.
Roll Top Lid.
Expression pedal to whole organ.
2-year parts and labour warranty.
Dimensions (NB different from brochure) Width 59”; Depth with pedalboard and bench 49”.

Click here to download the factory brochure for the ADC-520

£3,500.00 including VAT







£499.00 including VAT






3 manuals and full size AGO 32 note concave radiating pedalboard.
Walnut finish horseshoe console with matching theatre storage bench.
Moving stop tabs.
17 rank Theatre Organ / 12 rank Classical specification.
Self-contained audio.
Console controller with transposer, Acoustic Portrait and RealXpression.
Allen Ensemble Division with over 200 additional sampled organ, orchestral and MIDI sounds.

Click here to view the brochure and specification

Full 2-year parts and labour warranty.

£19,950.00 including VAT