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Audio & MIDI

Buying an organ is a serious investment for the long term. There are many different ways in which the features of your Allen organ can be enhanced that will help you get the very best out of your instrument. The audio and MIDI accessories on this page can be added to many of our instruments, either at the point of order or in the future. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.


External audio systemsHR-200_final_bro

An Allen external speaker system will enhance and project the wonderful sampled pipe organ sound which has made us the world’s favourite organ builder. We are very happy to advise on speaker installations for our instruments and we offer a range of different speaker cabinet sizes. Our “Utility” style cabinets, supplied in a painted brown finish, are free-standing and can be placed out of sight, for example in a redundant pipe case, on secure shelving, or on a gallery floor. If speakers are going to be placed where they will be highly visible, you may wish to consider our “Finished” cabinets, (an example of which is pictures here) which are supplied in cabinets with sides of real wood veneer. Finished cabinets can also be mounted directly on to solid, flat vertical walls. Both “Utility” and “Finished” style cabinets can be supplied with optional protective front grilles that are available in a choice of four colours.

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Allen Ensemble

Allen Ensemble and Ensemble DivisionIncorporate a MIDI expander such as the Allen Ensemble to supply additional stops. The Ensemble can be supplied as a stand-alone unit which sits on top of your organ console. Alternatively, for standard size and larger consoles, it can be incorporated within a very neat drawer division on the left hand side of a console. An independent volume control allows you to balance the sound level of the voices in the unit with those of the organ.

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Allen MIDI Assistant

Install a MIDI Assistant to allow you to record organ music and play it back from the console. This unit can be used with any organs from Allen’s ADC models onwards. Some ADC instruments without MIDI capability may require the addition of an additional circuit board. The MIDI Assistant is supplied with a USB stick containing 500 pre-loaded hymn accompaniments and organ music demo files. Many of our latest instruments now have an on-board sequencer facility included as standard, but for our smaller instruments and many older ones the MIDI Assistant is a very useful addition. A remote control handset is also included.

MIDI Asst frontpage small boxed

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Vista Navigator


This incredibly versatile and powerful tool with  clear touch-screen interface does everything that the Ensemble and MIDI Assistant do, as well as much more besides. It contains the same additional organ stops, orchestral voices and general MIDI sounds as the Ensemble, but with Navigator each and every voice has an independent volume control and an individual tuning facility, which allows you not only to scale individual stops but also to re-pitch any voice up or down from 1/100th of a semitone to a full octave!

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EAC Input BoxAllen EAC

Play external audio files through the organ’s audio system using Allen’s Expanded Audio Capabilities box. Much more than a simple audio input facility, the unit contains clipper and bandwidth filtering circuitry, has three different pairs of inputs and is linked to a sound mixer board in the organ.

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